Conditional Enthusiasm

Conditional Enthusiasm

Conditional Enthusiasm
May 18
19:35 2017

I was asked why I put so much emphasis on enthusiasm.

It made me stop and think…

I love to be enthusiastic. For me, enthusiasm and optimism fuel off each other. I gravitate towards hobbies and interests that pique my enthusiasm. I cherish family and friends that are enthusiastic and positive. I like working with people who radiate enthusiasm and can effuse optimism even on bleak days.

But not everyone wants to be enthusiastic. Some people think too much enthusiasm is idealism gone awry. Others are so browbeaten by life that enthusiasm just takes too much effort and energy.

I have learned that sometimes you should be cautious or reticent about your love for enthusiasm.

I have also learned that it is important to hold on to your enthusiasm even if not everyone around you embraces it.

How enthusiastic we are – how optimistic we feel is dependent on our experiences and ability to be reflective. It is a choice. However, enthusiastic people should have more compassion for people who do not extol the virtues of enthusiasm and optimism. What you find easy to do – may be the hardest thing to accomplish for someone else.

I am coming to understand that enthusiasm scares some individuals and it is hard for some people to adapt an enthusiastic mindset when the cloak of melancholy comforts them.

So, I have to remind myself to be mindful of other people’s journey in life. Although I personally recoil from pessimism – I understand that some people are genuinely energised by pessimism and are disengaged by enthusiasm.

You do not have to lose your optimism and enthusiasm to co-exist with others, but I have reflected that it is important to be empathetic to different perspectives. This life is not easy for anyone and people are doing what they can to survive the wavering tumult that surrounds them.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2017

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  1. Javeria
    Javeria May 18, 19:52

    Love this xx

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  2. Ash
    Ash May 18, 20:26

    This article made me think about enthusiasm from a different perspective. I didn’t think to be mindful of pessimistic people because I believe I am an enthusiastic person. It made me think about how everyone does not have the same life experiences which makes it hard for them to be enthusiastic like you mentioned.

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  3. Ak
    Ak May 18, 22:07

    Enthusiasm is also a trait of personality. While some also don’t have the physical energy to express it. A thoughtful insight on conditional enthusiasm which is otherwise easy to overlook.

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  4. Katie
    Katie May 22, 17:54

    I am known for being an optimist, maybe too optimistic at times. Reading your article really got me thinking. Beautifully written. Very thought provoking.

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