Dream Purveyors Vs Dream Agitators

Dream Purveyors Vs Dream Agitators

Dream Purveyors Vs Dream Agitators
June 26
22:32 2016

Dream Purveyors Vs Dream Agitators

Many people have dreams and ambitions.

Some people decide to make their dreams an active and focal part of their lives.

Most people perceive dreams as only belonging to the realm of fantasy or imagination.

Few people truly believe that dreams necessitate action and risks.

You are on the cusp of change. You have taken powerful and determined steps to reach your goals. You are enriched with unbridled enthusiasm and energy. During this time, you will realise the true disposition of the people that enter and leave your life.

Dream Purveyors

These are people in your life that give credence to dreams. They are supportive and encouraging without being sanctimonious and stifling. Champions of dreams may lead structured and conventional lives. However, they understand it takes courage to give dreams priority. Thus they bolster and inspire without being patronising or dismissive. Purveyors of dreams may be family members or close friends. It is their quality of character that shines through.

Sometimes the most supportive people in your life may not be able to relate to your dream. What you do may be hard for them to comprehend or envisage. Yet they admire your drive and have faith in your abilities. They do not let their own experiences define their thinking or outlook.

Some of the most inspiring influences in your life may be people you have only known for a short time. Yet you have learned from their experiences and example. What differentiates proponents of dreams from others is that they are devoid of envy. They want people to embark on a journey that they may never have an opportunity to witness or join.

Dream Agitators

You do not want anything from dream agitators. Yet your quest or your resolution to take the initiative in setting the groundwork for progression sends them into a state of agitation and frustration. They may not have the courage, patience or circumstances to realise their own dreams. However, they have the drive to circulate negativity and pessimism.

Dream agitators are not necessarily harmless naysayers. Some individuals wish for others failure more than they wish for their own success or well-being. The negativity espoused by dream protesters can be dispiriting. Yet you must not let it pervade your thinking or attitude. Detach yourself from people who do not value the aesthetics of life.

Do not invest in people who cannot look beyond the periphery of their own experiences. Inner belief can keep dream agitators from clouding your path in life. Never look to others for validation. Realise you are what you think of yourself.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Faz
    Faz June 27, 01:53

    This is well written. So relatable. Thank you for such inspiring articles. Once again you have given us an article to read and reflect on.

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  2. Sarah
    Sarah June 27, 01:58

    I can reasonate with this article. Sometimes, people find it hard to watch you go for your dreams because they do not have the courage to do so. Other times, they simply are too pessimistic to believe that dreams can become reality. Nevertheless, if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything,

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