Dreams Reconsidered

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Dreams Reconsidered

Dreams Reconsidered
February 24
21:11 2018

It’s easy to say ‘go for your dreams’. It’s easy to repeat clichés such as the ‘sky’s the limit.’ But are dreams attainable when the gap between rich and poor has never really shrunk? That’s not to say that dreams only flourish among the affluent. Sometimes the wealthy are constrained to the point that their whole life is planned for them.

It’s always intrigued me that some people act upon their dreams and ideals whilst others live and work in a mechanical fashion. I can understand why some individuals live vicariously through the dreams of others. The media encourages this with stories of celebrities or royals. For some people it is enough to cover the void in their own lives by commenting endlessly on the choices or actions of others. The more invested we become in the lives of others – the more we gossip – the less likely we are to reach for our own dreams.

But why do we suppress or relegate our dreams?

Sometimes cultures and societies seem to say – think more about other people’s dreams and lives. Get invested in others whilst ignoring or repressing your own hopes and dreams. Yet there’s a hollowness – an emptiness when you go through life without really considering what your dreams are – what you’re good at and what you truly want from life.

For some people playing with ideas in their minds is comforting. They think dreams can only exist in an ideal situation. They know that life is never ideal – they think dreams and goals can’t be achieved and so console themselves by kicking dreams around in their minds when they can’t go to sleep during restless nights.

Certainly poverty and inequalities crush dreams. Hurdles and obstacles are harder to overcome when your schooling is compromised, when the roof over your head is not guaranteed and when you have witnessed the dreams and aspirations of people close to you being snatched away. Even if you haven’t faced poverty or obvious inequalities, you still may be trapped in your mind. Our thoughts have an impact on the state of our goals/dreams. Negative or lacklustre thoughts can stop ideas from progressing to the next level. You need to think about dreams and aspirations before they even have a chance of becoming reality. If your self-talk is always pessimistic or tentative – it can present a barrier to your growth. And then there’s our surroundings and the people we prioritise. If you are surrounded by people who are indifferent or critical for the sake of being cautious – then you may end up negating or indeed forgetting your dreams that could have been nurtured.

Dreams don’t have to be grand. Dreams don’t have to shake the world. As long as they make you feel alive and stir your soul to action – then don’t you think it’s worth it all?

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2018

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  1. Ash
    Ash February 24, 21:15

    I really resonated with this. Beautifully written

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  2. Aqsa
    Aqsa February 24, 21:36

    well written ma shaa Allah!

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  3. vega
    vega February 25, 02:58

    What a wonderful article..

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  4. Sharif
    Sharif May 23, 21:50

    Very truth
    Everything we see that is achieved once was a dream.

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