Embracing new beginnings after ruptures

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Embracing new beginnings after ruptures

Embracing new beginnings after ruptures
July 18
21:19 2015

Everyone regardless of their position in life makes mistakes or behaves in a way that does not present them in the best light. The blessings in your life will always outweigh your regrets. While learning from missteps and mistakes is a prudent thing to do – it is important not to allow yourself to wallow or despair in the past. Sometimes new openings can only arise when something old and trusted has ended in an abrupt or painful way.

Remember you have to experience acute emotions and sentiments to learn vital lessons in life. Once those lessons seep in your heart – embrace and implement them in your everyday existence. Do not try to rebuild what is fractured or crushed. It was crushed for a reason. Instead have compassion for others and for yourself and move on. There is beauty in new beginnings. When a new chapter opens up in your life it refreshes your psyche and heart. This is the perfect time to let positivity and serenity become a consistent part of your life. Think beautiful thoughts. When you go for a walk – look around and relish in the miracles that surround you.

The power of self-reflection and solitude

While it energises the soul to spend time with family and friends that you love and cherish, it is also important to spend time with yourself. We live in a world that is very frantic and frenzied; even when we are alone we are occupied. However, it is beneficial to make time to reflect and relax. If your mind is always working at an immeasurable speed – it consumes energy and can lead to you feeling deflated. If you drain yourself – it sours your enthusiasm and this is detrimental because enthusiasm is what allows optimism to develop. It is pivotal to make your mind sanguine and uncluttered.

Cultivate optimism

The coming days, weeks and months are a wonderful opportunity for you to embrace change and uplift your mind. Have hope and never flirt or associate with pessimism. If you are pessimistic you are allowing darkness to permeate your mind-set and this will then alter your perception of reality. There is something invigorating in perceiving the world through optimistic eyes. Optimism cannot flourish if you surround yourself with judgmental or rigid people. If you want to cultivate optimism and have a positive outlook on life you have to ensure that you do not take on other people’s stress or anxiety. Hope should always be your dearest friend. Create a barrier between yourself and negativity.

Read and refresh

Don’t perceive reading as work. Books can truly refresh and enlighten your mind. Reading a good book, magazine or article can provide you with insight and clarity. Savour and appreciate your reading time. When I want to relax or pace myself I find I gravitate towards classic literature because classics transport me to a different time and period. You may opt for a non-fiction title or simply a self-help book. Sometimes it is more conducive to engage with a book than with people. Books have been a part of civilisation for a long time; don’t take them for granted. Let them form a part of your journey in life.

Stay sincere

Sincerity breeds integrity and you need both as you move forward in your life. As long as you are always sincere and have integrity you will make it through every travail and journey. Learn from the past and embrace new opportunities and beginnings with strength and substance.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2015

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  1. Maddy
    Maddy July 19, 21:38

    Awww. This is a lovely & uplifting article!

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  2. Indie
    Indie July 19, 22:41

    All powerful relationships have ruptures; be they between parent-child, close friends, siblings, marital partners or otherwise.
    The value of the relationship must be taken into account and the potential to engage and embrace change must be considered before deeming things should come to an end in order to refresh oneself. Ultimately this is why we tolerate more from those we love.
    It is however prudent to make a clean break sometimes and when all is considered and this decision is made then it should be embraced with your words of advice.
    It may be that distance allows two parties to growork independently and one day they may come together again to foster a healthier relationship

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  3. Humaira
    Humaira July 23, 15:16

    I love this! New beginnings are the start of something new which could be even better for one.

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