For the love of Fortitude

For the love of Fortitude

For the love of Fortitude
October 01
20:46 2016

When you make a decision, you have to show fortitude. When your life experiences upheavals and change, you have to let the courage grow within your heart…

Sometimes your bravery and inner belief are written on your face. Other times your fortitude is not known to anyone. Your family and friends may never know the difficulties you see flashing before your eyes.

Some people have to embrace fortitude after losing a part of themselves. Some women endure miscarriages and still-borns; they experience a sense of loss that is inexplicable. After the initial sympathy from loved ones – they are sometimes expected to move forward seemingly and manifest patience with a smile on their faces. Their pain, their sorrow cannot be understood by everyone, but their fortitude is both admirable and thought-provoking.

Fortitude is not just about coping or overcoming personal loss. Most individuals encounter loss at some point in their lives. When an individual has fortitude, he or she is empowered by an inner resolve that does not falter during times of distress or turmoil. Fortitude can shine amongst the most sensitive of hearts. Sometimes we think people with a tough exterior are the epitome of boldness and courage. Yet sometimes people with an unassuming nature and fragile hearts are the strongest characters. Fortitude can be fortified by stubbornness. An unwillingness to back down or give up strengthens an individual’s resolve and character.

During arduous times, people are challenged in ways they may never have envisaged. Young children who are exposed to war atrocities have a resilience and fortitude that brings adults to a sombre place. There are people who face poverty and uncertainty, but never lose their optimism. Their fortitude is not manufactured; it is derived from a love for life that cannot be diminished by events that could crush the hopes of people with more wealth and affluence. Wealth does not give people fortitude or courage, but perpetuates the illusion of power.

It is possible to show fortitude and resolve in one area of your life, but in another sphere you may not be as convinced or as constant. One of the hardest areas in life to exercise fortitude is marriage. Some people will give everything they have to their jobs or to temporary trials, but are knocked down by the first calamity or adversity to hit their marriage. When you lose someone to death – you realise you can never get them back. Thus when the grieving process is under way you prepare yourself for a life without your loved one. When you are struggling with the demands and stresses of a soul-hammering job – you are motivated to continue because you have dependents or commitments. During a period of marital discord, however, even a courageous person may weaken and simply gravitate towards a way out. Some marriages could be saved if both parties demonstrate fortitude and perseverance at the same time. Sometimes the fortitude needed to stay in a marriage that needs work is too elusive. Leaving a marriage or situation that elicits despair is indeed a courageous and admirable thing to do. Your love for fortitude does not mean you should condone more than you can bear.

In life, we are often inspired by the fortitude and strength of people around us. We see courage in others, but forget to acknowledge the seeds of endurance and bravery within our own hearts.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

** – This article is dedicated to my friends and family who remind me of the beauty of fortitude.

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah October 02, 06:16

    Inspirational and motivational
    Truly thought provoking

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  2. Jane
    Jane October 02, 10:48

    Very refreshing and enlightening.

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  3. Lucy
    Lucy October 28, 14:47

    Sometimes it takes fortitude to stay in a marriage and fight for it & sometimes it takes fortitude to leave a marriage that is beyond fixing.

    We don’t always know at the dissolution of someone’s marriage whether they showed fortitude or not.

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  4. Mahvesh
    Mahvesh September 17, 05:57

    I went through a bad marriage. Tried my best to keep things afloat but it was not to be.

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