“Hold on to your spark even when it is attacked…” (Mussarrat Shaheen)

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“Hold on to your spark even when it is attacked…” (Mussarrat Shaheen)

“Hold on to your spark even when it is attacked…” (Mussarrat Shaheen)
January 31
10:03 2016

To shine in anything – you have to have an internal spark. An inner light that propels you to push your mind and abilities to a higher level. This spark permeates everything you do and helps you combat mediocrity. It encourages you to focus on what matters and helps you put everything into perspective whilst elevating you to achieve your dreams. What happens when your spark is attacked and dimmed?

What happens when the spark that illuminated your face is challenged by external forces? If you have lost the spark within you – if you feel circumstances or life itself has extinguished your burning drive – don’t resign yourself to despair. It is possible for your spark to come back – brighter and more vibrant.

People with an internal spark need to be surrounded by profound silence or uplifting and inspirational people. If a person who shines or illuminates is forced to spend time with people who revel in morosity – the internal spark will suffer and struggle to shine amidst the negativity and pessimism. If you have dreams or have gifts that are accentuated by your passion – remember to foster that spark that circulates within your soul. Do not let people who lead a dull or unfulfilled life hinder you from leading an enriched life. Some people suppress and repress their own dreams, but when they see someone they know following their heart – they become enraged and deleterious. Thus people who lack a spark or a drive to follow their latent dreams often discourage others.

Reignite or protect your soaring drive that rushes through your veins by disregarding negativity and by not letting anyone abate the spark you possess. Always remember to remain authentic and professional. Ensure you never lose your positivity and optimistic view of life. Keep growing like the tree that refuses to be stunted.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Jas
    Jas January 31, 10:26

    Beautiful! Just what I needed to read today!

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  2. Maddie
    Maddie January 31, 13:03

    Very inspiring and motivating to read. Everyone has a spark and we should never let it diffuse for anyone or anything. Well done

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  3. Nur
    Nur February 01, 11:07

    thanks, may Allah reward you abundantly

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  4. Melissa
    Melissa February 01, 18:09

    An inspiring and thoughtful article! It is easy to fall into a cycle of negativity and to feel drained but it can be possible to kindle the light, to re-ignite the soulful spark. We can tune into our inner being and inner rhythms and let go of fear. I like your idea of the tree…enduring and strong, its body rooted in the earth, its branches reaching upwards to the sky. We can all reach to be the best we can be and go in the direction of our dreams; trees grow, thrive, change, are broken by storms, but they endure and climb ever upwards…to dance in the skies

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  5. Matt
    Matt February 07, 14:34

    People around you can bring you down as well as up. We must look outwardly at what our effect is on others and whether we achieve an uplifting impact as well as what impact others have on us.

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