“If you see snakes, you must not let them slither into your life.” (Mussarrat Shaheen)

“If you see snakes, you must not let them slither into your life.” (Mussarrat Shaheen)

“If you see snakes, you must not let them slither into your life.” (Mussarrat Shaheen)
July 03
16:16 2016

It is a beautiful quality to be caring – to be giving. When you are able to relate well to others – you have the potential to make a positive difference in the world. It is admirable to be empathetic and to recognise the human condition. Yet there has to be a limit to everything.

Some people are more sincere than others. Some people are certainly humble and genuine. However, you will also encounter individuals that are good at acting and perpetuate a façade that does not represent them. You have probably met individuals that are so riddled with insecurities that they make the lives of others difficult.

Every person you meet teaches you something about yourself and humanity. If you have an empathetic nature and truly feel others pain – you may end up giving too much of your time and energy. Your soul will feel content when you help genuine people, but it may feel agitated and restless if you give too much to insincere people.

Not every person is deserving of your friendship. If you pay attention and learn to differentiate between words and actions – you will come to understand if your efforts are appreciated or taken for granted. Some people only associate themselves with certain people to glean an advantage. You may indeed have something that others value, but ironically they do not value you as a person.

People are not alike. It is often hard to accept that some people operate with a mercenary mentality. They take and take, but do not give back. They employ a Machiavellian attitude to life. They may believe that because of your kind nature and demeanour – you will never notice their inconsistencies or hidden motives. A genuine friend or family member, however, is easy to spot if you have a clear vision.

Appreciating distance

Although you may have a giving and compassionate nature – you have to look after your own interests and well-being. Use your analytical abilities to decipher who truly cares and matters. Distance yourself from people who play games and are toxic. Stay connected to people who care about you as much as you care about them.

Time, energy and skills are valuable commodities. It is imperative to use them wisely. Invest in people who are sincere and authentic. Take steps to stay away from people who relish in nursing enmity and have snake-like characteristics.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Haadi
    Haadi July 03, 18:31

    Amazing and very true. It touches the heart.

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  2. Javeria
    Javeria July 03, 22:35

    Love this !!xx

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  3. Mark
    Mark July 04, 14:56

    Very relevant advice. I have had experience of this and am now very cautious in making new associations.

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  4. Mel
    Mel July 12, 17:46

    Great advice, really interestng article!

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  5. Mahvesh
    Mahvesh September 11, 18:18

    Love this

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