Loving Consistency

Loving Consistency

Loving Consistency
October 29
15:09 2016

Plans, dreams and objectives stimulate the soul into action. When you look at the world with hope instead of fear – you will cultivate dreams that are higher and taller than those around you.

Whether your dreams are small or big you will need to love and establish consistency so that your dreams are energised. Without consistency – without an appreciation for a routine – your dreams will linger in your mind instead of being visible to all.

For some people, the word “consistency” conjures up feelings of constraint and conformity. Such people believe creativity cannot bloom through any form of structure or set patterns. If you value consistency, it does not mean you have to embrace rigidity. It does not mean you have to water down your dreams or overemphasise realism. Consistency does not negate idealism or take the shine away from your individual dreams.

To take your dreams to the next level you need to work hard, have ample enthusiasm and motivation. You also need to be consistent. Consistency cannot flourish if your dreams are broad, but your mind is closed. You have to be flexible to understand the merits of consistency. If you are consistent – it means you are doing something every day to get closer to your vision. You do not have to give up anything to establish consistency, but you have to embed optimism into your thinking. Loving consistency does not mean you are slowing down or are allowing pessimism to permeate your mentality.

Sometimes we fall in love with our goals and spend much time shaping our dreams in our minds. However, there comes a time in every idealist’s life that he or she has to live dreams instead of dreaming them. Implementing consistency is the first step to directing your dreams to a powerful direction.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Jane
    Jane October 30, 17:53

    Love this. Consistency is so important because without it your dreams will always remain dreams.

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  2. Emma
    Emma December 01, 15:04

    Thank you for this timely reminder

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