May 24
05:09 2016

What prompts you to view your life with enthusiasm? What makes you want to try your best in everything you do? Do you know what motivates your strength – your willpower?

People are motivated by a myriad of reasons. Some souls are energised when they see other people heeding their dreams. Individuals that thrive on competition are motivated by their peers moving ahead. People who always look to others for motivation are more susceptible to advertisements and materialism. As long as they are acquiring a product or climbing the status ladder – their purpose is served. However, this type of motivation is tenuous because it is reliant on other people’s actions. Motivation cannot be bought. A person may feel momentarily inspired by a positive individual, article or indeed a life lesson. However this “motivation” can sometimes be fleeting and transitory.

Some people, however, are not motivated by the success or the failure of others. Rather their sense of motivation is an internal process. Their self-worth is not reliant on others. They are motivated by their values, interests and feelings.

To be motivated – you have to be enthralled with enthusiasm. Moreover, enthusiasm itself can only flourish if you are open to new challenges and ideas. Without consistency and an appreciation for change – motivation can be an elusive entity. An individual that avoids the trap of a “safety net” or complacency is more likely to maintain a good level of motivation throughout life. When people start to think that their job or indeed their relationship is comfortable or guaranteed – motivation can erode and their view of life and their abilities may become irreparably tarnished.

Experiences are lessons in motivation. Reflect on what matters to you. Listen to the deepest part of your soul…

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Amy
    Amy May 25, 16:18

    This article is so insightful and you are so right! Motivation cannot be bought! Looking forward to more posts from yourself.

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  2. Stephen
    Stephen May 25, 20:58

    We often forget who we need to compete against; namely ourselves. We need to improve on ourselves and forget this competition that society imposes on us against our peers. All we need do is better ourselves and work on who we are and who we have yet to become.

    Thank you for the reminder

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  3. Mel
    Mel June 01, 21:31

    A wonderful article, thanks. Sometimes we need to take risks, be open to challenges..find what is of value & real importance to ourselves…& continue our journey onward into self..

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