New City, New Perspectives

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New City, New Perspectives

New City, New Perspectives
April 25
18:31 2017

Moving to a new city away from family and friends is both an overwhelming and uplifting experience…

At first you notice the absence of faces that you took for granted. You remember little things about what you left behind. Sometimes you recall amusing memories that only resurfaced when you moved away.

Leaving the familiar

There is something comforting and consoling about a city that is predictable. Yet it is only when you push yourself out of the bubble of comfort that you experience a new wave of clarity.

When you move to a city where you have no ties and history your perception is sharper and you feel stronger. Every day you observe or notice something intricate. You notice the minutest details of things because you are alert and are not going through life in a robotic motion. If you move to new city for a job you are less likely to view work in a mechanical way, but rather as a mechanism to make a positive difference.

In an age where mindfulness is encouraged and where self-help books reemphasise the importance of gratitude – it is easier to be mindful and grateful when your comforts and crutches are far away. For me, moving to a new city has precipitated uncluttered thinking. I have noticed that your thoughts and ideas are more profound and meaningful when your attention is not pulled from different directions.

During the first weeks in your new environment when you feel like a stranger – you can limit your interactions with people. You can concentrate your spare time on things that truly matter to you. Whether you want to write a book or learn a new language – it is more conducive to do so when your mind is alert and creative. Creativity is often crushed in comfort and familiarity. Thus, moving to new city can be a catalyst to being more creative and productive.

However, I have discovered that while adjusting to a new city offers fresh perspectives – it is important to be prepared for days of inaction and quiet contemplation. These days remind you to take things at a sound pace and to embrace change in a measured and considered way. There will be times when you will laugh in a childlike and free manner, but don’t be surprised when you are showered by tears. Change makes it necessary that you experience an unexpected array of emotions.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2017

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah April 25, 19:42

    Moving away can be an emotional experience but sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone. I love that the notion of moving away brings new perspectives and you are so right. It does. Hope it goes well for you. Keep treating us with your new perspectives!

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  2. AK
    AK April 25, 22:38

    What a great article. Clearly demonstrates how we need to step out of our bubble sometimes and cleanse our minds.

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  3. Mel
    Mel April 27, 19:22

    Wonderful, thoughtful article. I recognise these feelings since moving to a new city myself. It’s a liberating feeling but combined with anxiety about being in a strange place amongst strange faces. However, it can be an awakening and re-energising of the self. We are more alert to whats going on all around in this new place, hence also more alert to the self and the inner journey.

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