Overcoming The Limbo Pattern – What Next?

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Overcoming The Limbo Pattern – What Next?

Overcoming The Limbo Pattern – What Next?
August 12
17:18 2016

When the impasse has ceased.

When you are no longer in a limbo and have developed the tools to fly.

When you taste the sweet drop of change and feel your mind racing with rapture and excitement.

When you feel your life is on the cusp of achievement.

When you appreciate the moments of struggle and contemplation.

When new opportunities swirl around you.

When your mind is at peace and your heart is invigorated.

This is the time to stay calm and to value every moment of your life. Now that you are no longer constrained by the Limbo Pattern – you must focus your energy – your time and your skills to reaching your dreams and ideals.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Haadi
    Haadi August 12, 18:13

    Very well said. We are always busy and caught in limbo pattern and forget to value the little happiness and joys around us.

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  2. Daniel
    Daniel August 13, 12:10

    I really needed something uplifting and somebody sent me this at the right time. I read it and fell in love with your work, I have now read every article on your website and are eagerly awaiting more. Thank you!

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