Perpetual Perseverance: keep trying and believing

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Perpetual Perseverance: keep trying and believing

Perpetual Perseverance: keep trying and believing
May 15
15:31 2016

When you commit yourself to a goal and have a vision – you need to value all your positive and salient qualities. Your strength is not based on what you can carry on your shoulders, but on the fortitude of your mind and soul. Dreams cannot be achieved half-heartedly, but require an inner belief that resonates in actions. Anything of value only gains fruition when you have toiled and persevered.

As you proceed closer to your dreams – you may encounter people or indeed circumstances that distract or drain you from prioritising what matters. There is no doubt that you will sometimes feel drained by the thorns that prick you when you are the least prepared.

Sometimes the “smaller” obstacles are the hardest to overcome. Do not be discouraged. Demonstrate tenacity by not letting any cloud of despondency make a home near you. Be prepared to face tests as you walk on the path to achievement. Unending determination is needed for any goal to be realised. As the the results of your hard work and steadfastness begin to sparkle in the darkness – remind yourself that the last part of the journey is often the most challenging.

You need to conserve your energy and not spend too much of your time on anything that will hinder your progression and dreams. Sometimes it is wise and fruitful to keep reminding yourself not to give too much to people or endeavours that are not a part of your future. When you are prepared to perpetually persevere, nothing will hamper you in your quest to reach your aspirations.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Mel
    Mel May 15, 17:23

    Thank you for this inspiring article Mussarrat. Taking one step at a time, paying attention to each step and trusting in our inner knowledge helps us along our path. Challenges we face along the way can strengthen us further and teach us lessons. If we stay positive and persevere nothing can hold us back from reaching our dreams.

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  2. Asha
    Asha May 16, 16:58

    I love this article. It is so profound and highlights how it is so easy to become distracted with the mundane things around us. This article has inspired me to never give up and to always keep my goals and dreams in sight and to work for them.

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  3. Rahima
    Rahima May 20, 11:57

    Another great read from this author. Very thought provoking and inspiring. Keep up the good work.

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