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April 06
08:26 2016

A promise kept can strengthen and fortify relationships. A promise that is made in sincerity is always more special than a million attractive promises that are beguiling but barren. Some individuals are very diligent about honouring their promises to others, but repeatedly dishonour promises they make to themselves. Yet a promise we make to ourselves is just as important as one made to any other.

In order to be productive, we must seek to develop ourselves. When we make a promise – we must endeavour to keep it. We have no power – no way of guaranteeing other people keep their promises. However, we can empower ourselves by giving credence to our own vows or proclamations.

If you are being treated badly by another person and have vowed that you will free yourself, it is vital that you keep your promise. Do not rely on other individuals to improve your predicament.

If your soul is harbouring a dream and you have promised yourself to venture out of your comfort zone – you must not be afraid of the unknown and uncertain. Keep pushing yourself. Abate negativity by cherishing your inner conviction.

If you find yourself repeatedly ignoring your own needs in order to keep others happy – it is time for you to evaluate the direction of your life. You cannot truly be of value to others if you do not appreciate yourself.

A promise to yourself is sometimes arduous to keep. People with low self-esteem repeatedly prefer others over themselves. They dismiss their own worth by not keeping their own promises. When you ignore your vows and promises – you shatter your dreams and devalue your inherent worth. By breaking promises to yourself you are suggesting that you do not matter. How can you expect others to respect you when you disrespect yourself by violating your own promises?

Keeping a promise to yourself signifies self-confidence and helps you to become self-possessed. Thus, this creates an upward trajectory and is the first step in fermenting goals and dreams. Never give up on yourself…

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Jack
    Jack April 06, 10:23

    How often we neglect promises to ourselves and fulfil those we make to others at expense to ourselves, just because of what others may say. Its just as important we keep promises to ourselves and this article has confirmed my long held beliefs and put the pen to paper. Lovely, interesting article

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  2. Sarah
    Sarah April 06, 10:59

    I love this article. Written beautifully

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  3. Mel
    Mel April 12, 17:10

    Wonderful, thought provoking and uplifting thoughts. We must stay true to ourselves and never give up on ourselves..

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