Returning to Patience: a love affair that cannot end

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Returning to Patience: a love affair that cannot end

Returning to Patience: a love affair that cannot end
June 30
14:41 2015

Patience is a quality that is lauded and valued in all Monotheistic faiths. It is perceived as a prerequisite for success. In our everyday interactions we often hear or even espouse age-old clichés pertaining to patience. What is it about patience that makes it so beautiful and commendable? During different times in our lives, we demonstrate an ability to endure obstacles and pain. There are times we illustrate both patience and perseverance in our careers and personal goals. With family and friends we may make patience our mantra and depend on its principles to keep things in perspective.

But what happens when patience becomes elusive and you find it difficult to grasp its power? You may wake up one day and find that it is impossible for you to demonstrate patience at the smallest things. Dealing with people and circumstances is not as easy as it once was. When patience becomes a distant entity – life can invariably feel so stifling and sorrowful. It is when you have allowed your relationship with patience to deteriorate – you fathom how difficult your life is without its steadying presence.

Once your relationship with patience becomes strained and troubled, haste and anger vie for your affections. Although you know they will never be dependable or as beneficial as patience – they appeal to your unsettled and weary mind. So without even realising it at first, you relegate the importance of deliberation and instead court emotions that do not personify the blessings of patience. Anger and impulsivity may temporarily give you emotional release, but they are truly detrimental and are ultimately responsible for making you feel so demoralised. Whilst haste is viewed negatively because it implies a lack of control and contemplation, patience is associated with wisdom. Technological advances have changed our mentality and psyche; our minds have been conditioned to minimise and overlook patience. We are able to access so many reams of information and news at the push of a button and thus expect everything in life to be as accessible and as manageable. It cannot be.

To recapture the value of patience, realise that you can never be complacent. If you have shown strength and endurance in the past – do not assume that will always be the case. In the past you may have had more energy to embrace adversity. Remember that patience is not meant to be facile and effortless. It challenges you and requires you to sit back instead of reacting impulsively. Sometimes that is the most arduous thing to do. You cannot receive patience from other people. It has to come from within. Instead of always turning to people for help – examine your heart. When your heart is strong, patience will access it and strengthen your resolve. Patience is a grounding force that calms the agitated mind and prevents many people from acting against their own interests and values.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2015

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  1. Tas
    Tas July 04, 23:04

    Thought provoking
    needs to be read time and time again as a reminder to oneself in order to truly grasp the lesson

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  2. Humaira
    Humaira August 20, 21:39

    I absolutely love this. Patience is a virtue.

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