Small Talk and Gossip

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Small Talk and Gossip

Small Talk and Gossip
August 26
20:01 2017

For the most part you keep it at bay and don’t welcome it. You’ve built a reserved persona so that you don’t have to entertain it. But then it overides you and bombards your life from every corner.

Some people thrive in the presence of small talk, regurgitation and gossip. But you feel drained by meaningless talk and it saps your energy as you try to block out the noise.

Small talk and gossip find themselves in places you cannot escape. You may feel helpless at times, but remember you have the power not to engage with purveyors of gossip.

Your quest to stay away from it is important…

You don’t have to embrace what doesn’t sit well with your mind and soul…

Continue to cherish and value meaningful conversations and distance yourself from people or situations that are energised by gossip and empty talk.

Also practise patience even when it’s hard…

Remember there are people of substance everywhere and not everyone loves gossip. Focus your energy on what matters and keep working hard. For hard word and a love for growth blocks the swirls of small talk and gossip with a power that is astounding.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2017

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  1. Aqsa
    Aqsa August 26, 21:59

    Well said sis! Xx

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  2. Adam
    Adam August 26, 21:59

    This is a brilliant reminder. It is easy to get caught up in work drama as well as gossip culture amongst friends and acquaintances. But I love a very vital point you made…we cannot stop people from gossiping but we are in control of how we react and behave I.e. by not getting involved.

    Excellent reminder. We all at some point witness this, either directly or indirectly. But how we feel with it says a lot about our maturity and character.

    It’s easy to get involved in small talk and gossip but on reflection we realise it wasn’t worth it and we have nothing but a guilty conscious.

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  3. Asha
    Asha August 26, 22:21

    I think we live in an age where gossip and small talk is exciting to a lot of people. It is so refreshing to read that other people also find it dull and not very stimulating. “You don’t have to embrace what doesn’t sit well with your mind and soul”. Loved it

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  4. Ak
    Ak August 26, 22:43

    A great subject to touch upon.
    This is for many people who are too busy entertaining themselves with superficial conversations and should transfer this energy by focusing on things that matter and make a difference to real people’s lives. This is positive energy which is more fulfilling.

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