“The less you have the more your heart sings with jubilation.” (Mussarrat Shaheen)

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“The less you have the more your heart sings with jubilation.” (Mussarrat Shaheen)

“The less you have the more your heart sings with jubilation.” (Mussarrat Shaheen)
July 23
17:13 2015

From our formative years, we are encouraged by advertisements and even society to associate happiness and contentment with material acquisitions. For some people this way of thinking continues for the rest of their lives. Some people brazenly strive to always acquire things in order to fill the emptiness that troubles them in their sleep.

True contentment and peace comes from within. How we feel and not what we have purchased determines whether our heart sings or weeps. If we ascertain happiness by how much wealth we have – we are not valuing the smaller and more subtle blessings in our lives. There are many blessings that we refuse to see. Some blessings we simply take for granted and devalue their importance. This creates restlessness and ungratefulness that saps our energy levels.

We make ourselves miserable if we covet more than we have. Inner contentment is a treasure that is invaluable and does not depend on monetary exertion. Often it is the very things that money cannot buy that gives the soul a boost. Things we buy or are given to us only give a transient moment of pleasure. However, spiritual steps and “small” blessings that sometimes cannot be discerned by others bring about inner peace that is indescribable. The soul is showered with richness when it remembers its Creator.

What some people admire today is often fantastical and superficial. However, people who are content often lack pretention and are rooted in reality and wisdom. To have a happy heart you don’t have to gravitate towards pop culture or aspire to be like celebrities that make it their job to mask their sadness with displays of materialism and ostentation.

The fewer belongings you have – the more room there is for your heart to love and appreciate life.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2015

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  1. sidra
    sidra July 25, 23:28

    Unfortunately the truth is we live in a wasteful society. Not only do we amass goods we then go on to be wasteful of them. We do not use things to their potential. We bin 60% of our food! Food – the lack thereof which we all know is commonplace around the world and disturbs us so greatly yet we casually dispose of it – not giving it a second thought. Truly we do not appreciate the value of things. Even those that claim to have little are frequently guilty of this and yet those that have more when concerned by it may be considered unnecessarily scrooge.

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