The Limbo Pattern

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The Limbo Pattern

The Limbo Pattern
March 12
06:58 2016

When your life feels like a perpetual wheel that keeps going over the same things.

When different experiences are presented in similar ways.

When you feel stuck in time whilst those around you are speeding by.

When you feel like every day is a struggle to free yourself.

When life is mundane, but your mind is brimming with energy and ideas.

When you want to move forward, but keep getting pulled back.

When you want to run, but keep having to crawl.

When you want to shout or sing, but can only manage a whisper.

When you are torn between what is and what could be…

This is the time for you to exercise determination, patience and persistence. Always remember the state of limbo will expire and you will find the gleam of light shining around you.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah March 13, 13:49

    This is so inspirational. I can relate to this. I love your style of writing and the topics you write about. Please write more articles like this. Look forward to reading them. Thank You. May God bless you 😊

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  2. Tas
    Tas March 13, 16:37

    Gosh Mussarat! Beautifully written though melancholic poetry which ends with your upbeat positive nature

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  3. Mel
    Mel March 13, 17:36

    Thanks for this wisdom! Limbo can be frustrating, unsettling and causes despair, anxiety, impatience.. neither here nor there, a state of the in-between, vague and indefinite. Trapped in a space/place where it seems impossible to make a move, neither here nor there but nowhere..adrift.. Perhaps we can accept this state, think positively, live in the moment, wait patiently, trust our intuition, don’t be afraid and move with the flow of life.. We can reflect on who we are and what we want. As you suggest, we will not be trapped in this state forever. With determination, patience, will and hope, we can have faith that everything will work out okay in the end!

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  4. Nicholas
    Nicholas March 13, 19:02

    Reflecting on the limbo pattern that is your life is incredibly sombre & something commonly shoved to the back of ones mind…… To bring it to the forefront so poetically is a weight on ones heart but there is a glimmer of light and hope ad you say…

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  5. A.K
    A.K March 13, 21:52

    Beautifully written. Wonderfully inspirational. Faith and patience definitely help break through the shackles of limbo.

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