Venerating Accountability

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Venerating Accountability

Venerating Accountability
June 28
17:45 2016

Venerating Accountability

We live in a period of time when it is possible to latch on to excuses. We can justify every action and every word with an excuse. Sometimes people laboriously provide context to excuse their behaviour or indeed lack of action.

For some people accountability reaps no perceived benefits. If they have hurt someone – they do not want to be accountable because they do not want to hurt their own ego. Moreover, some individuals find it unimaginably difficult to deal with feelings of guilt, remorse or disappointment. Thus they sink deeper into a myriad of excuses and refuse to pay attention to the hallow whispering of their conscience.

Refusing to make ourselves answerable to our own hearts – dims the light of the soul. An individual who values and appreciates accountability is not marred in sadness or inaction. To be courageous means to be accountable. When you are not afraid to evaluate your actions and to chastise yourself – you find it easier to grow, evolve and truly embody maturation. You avoid the trap of stagnation.

When times are difficult or tenuous – it may seem like a more attractive proposition to embrace excuses instead of self-examination. In the long term, however, accountability through self-evaluation and reflection is always more beneficial and enlightening.

Few public figures admit mistakes. History is littered with examples of presidents and other influential figures who have taken every conceivable step to avoid accountability. Examples of people being rewarded for bad behaviour desensitises some people to the importance of accountability and responsibility.

If you are surrounded by people who thrive by adopting the excuses culture – you may come to believe that learning to appreciate accountability is not necessary to the enhancement of your life. Yet nothing saps integrity and inner strength more than the reliance on excuses. If you limit your potential by making excuses – you are weakening your mental strength. It takes a person of character to hold themselves accountable. An accountable person avoids disparaging others to wield out of problematic situations.

To appreciate yourself and your value – you must raise your own standards. It is always more conducive to expect more and not less from yourself. Cherish accountability and refuse to absorb the detrimental aspects of the culture of avoidance and irresponsibility.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Aisha
    Aisha June 28, 23:34

    Very well written Shaheen, lovely to read.

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  2. Hannah
    Hannah June 29, 00:51

    Brilliant article. Love the image that goes with it, very creative – a footstep in mud showing once you step into something i.e do something you have to take accountibility and responsibility. I really like it. This article has made me realise the important of raising my own standards. Keep up the good work Mussarrat and please write more frequently. We want to see more of your writing, you write so profoundly!

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  3. sarah
    sarah June 29, 15:22

    I love this article, it is so profound. Accountability is essential in moving forward and gaining success. It is important to self examine and hold ourselves accountable when necessary so that one can improve accordingly. Look forward to more inspiring posts.

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  4. Mahvesh Mahmud
    Mahvesh Mahmud July 10, 10:59

    Fantastic article. Lucid and spot on!

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