When Quitting is Healthy

When Quitting is Healthy

When Quitting is Healthy
September 14
17:55 2016

In a recent speech extolling the merits of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama reinforced that Clinton “never quits.” Obama echoes the sentiments of his wife, Michelle, who during the Democratic National Convention emphasised Hillary’s commitment to politics and her propensity to never give up. Proponents of Clinton highlight her work ethic and tenacity as laudable qualities. The implication is that no matter what anyone throws at her – she will not buckle under pressure.

Certainly there is much to be admired about people who never “quit” or give up. We admire athletes that overcome odds to reach their dreams. We respect people who can endure scrutiny and derision to achieve their aspirations. But sometimes quitting is the braver option…

Clinton has been married to politics for most of her life. While some people recoil from the intricacies of politics – she is enthralled by politics and power. During the 2008 Democratic nominee process, she demonstrated her desire to reach the White House by refusing to acknowledge Obama’s initial inroads. For a long time she refused to believe that she would lose the Democratic nomination to him. Back then she revealed her obsession and drive to become president, but sadly for her – her efforts were not successful.

The quest to become the first female president of the United States keeps her fighting. Much has been written about the state of Hillary’s health. You have the die-hard conspiracy theorists who are convinced she is shielding major health issues from the public. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the mainstream media who until recently dismissed any concerns about her health. Yet this is clearly a woman that is sacrificing her health and well-being for the seat of power.

It could be argued that Clinton wants to defeat Trump even at the expense of her own health because she fears for the United States if Trump is elected. Perhaps this is part of her motivation. However, politicians are often motivated by their insatiable ego. During the last 25 years, Clinton has won some hearts, but has earned the wrath and anger of others. She is a divisive figure. This is why despite running against a braggadocios and inexperienced former reality star, she is not leading by a substantial margin. Her experience does not reflect her performance.

Sometimes the pursuit of power is what propels an individual to keep going and energies his or her soul.
Even if Clinton’s health issues are not as serious as suspected, it makes you wonder what will happen if she makes it to the White House. Surely the demands on her health will be intensified? Surely the best years of her life are behind her? It seems that Hillary Clinton’s adult life has been dedicated to securing the presidency in her own right. She will not let anything stand in her way again.

Yet putting your health and well-being first is the more courageous thing to do. No one is indispensable. Clinton reminds you of the select employees who come to work with various ailments. They think this shows their dedication and toughness. They force themselves to work even if their employer insists they take time off to recuperate. They refuse to listen to the needs of their body because they believe things will fall apart if they are not at work. Clinton is not indispensable. The Democratic Party could put up another candidate in her place that could much easily defeat Trump.

Obama seems sincere in wanting Clinton to succeed him as president. His sense of urgency when discussing Clinton suggests he believes he owes her a favour because he stood in the way of her becoming president in 2008. Thus he feels he owes her debt, but this debt can only be repaid if he helps her to reach her dream.

I believe Clinton never got over her loss to Obama in 2008. That defeat to Obama created a deeper zeal for the presidency. This zeal is her reason for living. She will keep going until she gets elected – even if the process ultimately destroys her.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah September 18, 13:00

    I totally agree with this article. Sometimes the braver option is to let go and Clinton does need to let go.

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