Why Wonder and Cynicism Collide

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Why Wonder and Cynicism Collide

Why Wonder and Cynicism Collide
April 05
18:36 2016

We cease to wonder when we allow cynicism to mingle with our innermost perceptions.

We cease to wonder about the miracles of life when we no longer value innocence and sincerity.

Wonder fuels the imagination. When we are enraptured with wonder – it enlivens our hearts. It heightens our senses and activates our minds. People who embrace wonder as an important commodity – live life enthusiastically. They find meaning and value in seemingly small things.

Sometimes we think, the older we become the harder we need to be. We think idealism and wonder are rooted in childhood and being cynical is a necessary requirement in an increasing turbulent world. There is a tendency among some people to view cynicism as a protective force. This acceptance of cynicism stops some people from even entertaining the merits of reflection. Yet looking at life and different scenarios with perceptive and wondrous eyes is pivotal. When individuals lose their appreciation for the fascinating and the wondrous they cap their growth. They become faint shadows of themselves and sleepwalk through life.

It is possible to be rooted in reality whilst viewing the complexities and miracles of life with amazement and wonder. Cynicism erodes optimism and drains people of empathy. Reflecting and pondering about the wonders of life is energising and motivating. Indeed when we adopt a cynical attitude and charge through life without taking the time to contemplate and reflect – life becomes hazy and unfulfilled.

If you embrace wonder instead of cynicism – it encourages clarity of mind. An individual who is able to differentiate from the meaningful and inconsequential is stronger than one who deploys cynicism as a protective shield against the intricacies of life.

By Mussarrat Shaheen
© 2016

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  1. Humaira
    Humaira April 05, 22:21

    Masha allah beautifully written x

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  2. Mahvesh
    Mahvesh April 06, 09:10

    Beautiful article! Makes a lot of sense!

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  3. Ash
    Ash April 06, 10:58

    Very interesting article that provides a very refreshing view on wonder and positivity.

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  4. Mel
    Mel April 12, 16:59

    Wonderful article, so very interesting to read. Thanks! Wonder can certainly continue on into adulthood…

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